ECNL-RL & Premier Programs

We are proud to offer ECNL-RL (Boys) & Premier level (Boys & Girls) play to our teams U13 and older. Our Premier teams will compete in ECNL-RL, Regional and National Premier leagues and showcases, elevating our programming to the level of any club in the area and beyond. The ECNL-RL & Premier programs will offer a new college placement program and work closely with local professionals positioned to elevate our players beyond their youth soccer careers. Our highly credentialed and experienced coaches add to our already successful staff with the goal to provide the best experience and value for our players and parents.

We also offer Competitive and Recreational teams for all ages and skill levels.

Expected number of tournaments per year

4-6 per full season plus College Showcases.


Weekly Training Sessions

ECNL-RL: Training will be provided 3 times per week plus a 4th day for strength, conditioning or position specific training 

Premier Teams: Training will be provided 3 times per week including positional specific training. 

Training will take place at Young Pine Community Park.  Airport Lakes Park & Barber Park will also be utilized as auxiliary fields based on need.

Strength & Conditioning: Weekly sessions year-round with a full-time SOSC trainer.

Goalkeeper Training: Integrated weekly goalkeeper sessions with goalkeeping directors.

Expected travel

Travel for the ECNL_RL & Premier Programs are predominately statewide for league play. Teams may travel out of state for a yearly showcase event and/or regional playoffs dependent on performance.

Tournament costs and team fees (expenses relating to tournaments and travel) are in addition to club fees and will be estimated and paid to the Team Manager.  All players on each team are expected to attend all scheduled tournaments and showcases.

ECNL-RL Fees: $2100 (includes $250 registration and $1850 club fees)

Premier Fees: $1900 (includes $250 registration and $1650 club fees)

Veo Camera

ECNL-RL & Premier teams will be provided the opportunity to record their matches with our state-of-the-art Veo camera system, which can be used for college recruiting and performance evaluations.

Season Dates

August 1 – May 31st (Summertime playoffs/tournaments dependent on team performance can fall outside this regular season window).


Email for consideration.

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