Referee Information

  • Starting with the 2022 season The Amato Family and team will be the assignors for South Orlando! We are very excited to join this great team.
  • South Orlando will now use to assign, communicate and pay by direct deposit.
  • Our goal is to have referee assignments out 2-3 weeks before games, depending on schedules made available to us.
  • Payments will only be made through direct deposit. In most cases in your Gopay account the following Thursday after the game.
  • Game reports will no longer be needed to be emailed but will be done by Gameofficials. With the home coach retaining the original.

Want to join the team as a referee for South Orlando SC games? The games are played at Young Pine Community Park, Barber Park and Airport Lakes. If you are a current referee and certified, join our group on (group 1792 and access code is 1792).

If you are not a referee and want to be one, email Mike at 

We will help you navigate this process.

To contact us, email

Mike Amato – 407-234-7583

Grant Amato – 407-385-9504

Red Card Procedure FOR GCF

The referee is to return ALL passes (EXCEPT for referee assault) to the coaches after completion of the game. The referee will, within 48 hours of the game, send the FYSA Game Report and FYSA Supplemental Referee Report of the player/coach receiving a red card documenting the red card violation to the league VP of Discipline (Matt Hutchinson). Referees, please scan documents and e-mail (preferable) or send US Mail.

Referee Assault

Referees are to KEEP the offending player/coach pass and mail it along with the FYSA Game Report and FYSA Supplemental Referee Report of red card (s) offenses to:

GCF VP of Discipline                                 GCF Treasurer

Matt Hutchinson                                          Patty Herodier

1262 Lake Francis Dr.                                  PO Box 700146

Apopka, Florida 32712                                St. Cloud, Fl. 34770-0146                    


Important Notes

1)Referees, make sure that the FYSA Game Report and FYSA Supplemental Referee Report are filled out correctlyand that you give a very detailed description of what happened.

2)Proper forms that are listed above may be found, and downloaded, on the Forms Link.

3)In an effort to expedite the process of being eligible to play again, should any problems occur, please contact your registrar who can then contact the GCF VP of Discipline to discuss the situation. Only your club’s president, registrar, clubs referee assignor, or game referee can contact the VP of Discipline directly. Everyone else MUST go through these four club contacts.

4)Players/coaches may return to regular activities after they have done the above. Sit out the required number of games, have the referee of each match sign the Red Card Completion Form while you sit on the bench with your team, and after the fine has been paid and received by GCF.


Referee Pay Schedule

For in-house games, U9 & U10 Pay will be $30 for the center 

Referee Pay Schedule
8U/9U/10U 2 x 25 $30.00/game $15.00/game $60.00/game
8U/9U/10U* 2 x 25 $40.00/game *if no A/Rs $40.00/game
11U/12U 2 x 30 $40.00/game $20.00/game $80.00/game
13U/14U 2 x 35 $50.00/game $25.00/game $100.00/game
15U/16U 2 x 40 $60.00/game $30.00/game $120.00/game
17U-19U 2 x 45 $70.00/game $35.00/game $140.00/game